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Added services. Some payroll providers offer a variety of additional services, such as human resources as well as benefits and retirement plan administration. If you're still not sure whether an online payroll service is a good fit for you, here are several questions and answers that might help you come to a decision. Do payroll services pay taxes on your behalf, or do they just calculate what you owe and you are responsible for filling out the forms and sending in the payment? Most payroll services handle all payroll tax needs. Online payroll companies withhold the required taxes from paychecks and set it aside for when your business needs to pay those taxes to local, state, and federal agencies.

Online payroll services also fill out the necessary forms and submit payments on your behalf. Many payroll providers guarantee their tax services. If a mistake is made, they will fix it and pay any incurred fines or interest. Check with any provider you are considering to see what type of liability they are willing to accept should an error occur. How important is it for the payroll provider you select to integrate with other services you use?

Having a payroll service that integrates with other programs you already use, like accounting software or time and attendance systems, can save businesses a lot of time. These integrations allow the programs to seamlessly work together.

Download e-book Payroll: A Guide to Running an Efficient Department

For example, accounting data can automatically be inserted into your payroll program without having to enter any additional information. Does it matter when you start with a new payroll service? Does it need to happen at the first of the year or can you switch midyear? Businesses can switch to a new payroll provider at any time. However, switching at the end of a calendar quarter can save your business some extra work. Ready to choose a payroll service? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:.

Chad Brooks is a Chicago-based writer and editor with nearly 20 years in media. A journalism graduate of Indiana University, Chad began his career with Business News Daily in as a freelance writer. Learn more about EzBeez. Learn more about FastCollab. Complety effortless Payroll Management for any organization.

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Learn more about FocusPay. Gen desktop payroll software is a complete human resource management solution for the companies having an employee base in dozens. Learn more about Gen Payroll. Payroll management system which assists municipal bodies with employee time entry, payroll calculation and record management.

Learn more about gpps. HappierPay is a simplified but intuitive payroll processing software. It automates all complex calculations to make employees life easy Learn more about happierPay. It automates all complex calculations to make employees life easy. Web-based HR management tool that enables businesses to manage payroll, documents, reports, and more. Learn more about HRManager.

A complete workforce management solution, Humanforce saves employees time and businesses money. Learn more about Humanforce. A fully integrated payroll solution; offers a dynamic, real-time model that processes transactions and events. Learn more about iCON. Live and after-the-fact multi-state, multi-year payroll processing system. Learn more about Industrial Strength Payroll. Learn more about Info-pay. Payroll solution to manage payslips, pensions, employee data, and more. Learn more about Integgro Payroll Manager.

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  7. Learn more about iSuweldo Payroll System. Windows-based solution for tax professionals to automate payroll calculation, reporting, and electronic filing. Learn more about JPPayroll System. Offers you unsurpassed flexibility, performance, scalability, and cost effectiveness in calculating and reporting payrolls. Learn more about KIS Payroll. A payroll solution with integrated leave and expense modules, payslip generator, employee management, business data reports and more. Learn more about Kitikiti HRM. LinesPay is a web-based, comprehensive, and flexible human resources and payroll management software Learn more about LinesPay.

    LinesPay is a web-based, comprehensive, and flexible human resources and payroll management software. Cloud-based solution that assists with payroll operations through timesheet, leave tracking, GPS timestamps, reporting, and more. Cloud-based payroll solution that helps businesses manage leave management, tax information, and attendance management.

    Learn more about Make My Office. Milena Personal is a powerful, flexible and secure platform for the administration of payrolls and human resource management. Learn more about Milena Personal. Payroll system for companies of all sizes. Includes attendance, leave, expense, and payroll management. Payroll solution that assists HR teams with pension plans, attendance data, printable W2 forms, reporting, tax compliance, and more. Learn more about MSC Payroll.

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    SaaS-based platform that enables businesses to manage taxes, audits, payroll, reporting, wage garnishments, trade unions, and more. Learn more about MX-SmartPayer. Features include user defined policy settings, auto attendance system, calculation of leave accruals, and salary release process. Learn more about MyPayFriend. Payroll and HR solution for medium to large enterprises, including e-HR intranet.

    Learn more about Nurture. Contains everything you need to run an effective and compliant payroll, and offers additional HR functionality as well. Learn more about OfekPayroll.


    Learn more about Orange Payroll. Developed to carry out the Payroll tasks of an organization in an effective and simple and flexible way. Payentry is a software company that provides enterprise employee management and retirement options to small and medium businesses. Learn more about Payentry. Learn more about PayGo. Cloud-based solution which assists with payroll operations through profit analysis, benefits administration, reporting, and more. Learn more about PayPlus. Cloud based solution with time off management, performance appraisal entry, user administration, and more.

    Learn more about Payroll. Payroll compatible with a variety of accounting systems including QuickBooks. Learn more about Payroll for Macintosh Users. Saas-based payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses that helps monitor real-time employee attendance data. Learn more about Payroll OnDemand. A software solutions with check printing capabilities for managing payroll and payroll taxes. Learn more about Payroll Software. Scalable software for payroll processing from experienced software developers..

    Learn more about PayrollEmpire. Payslip is a Payroll software that helps you to effectively manage all processes related to employee's benefits, salaries, and wages. Learn more about Payslip. Learn more about PaySoft Payroll. Learn more about Paywell. Cloud and web-based, multi-user HR and payroll software management solution for companies based in India.