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It would be also beneficial for project leader to cooperate with the consultant in positive manner. It is because resistance from the side of team members or project leader would affect the solution of the problem of RMC Ellis, For example, without availing services of consultant it would be difficult to reach at appropriate and expected result in terms of reducing employee turnover rate within the organization Lussier, Thus, it becomes essential to select appropriate ways to overcome the resistance.

As a part of this, firstly team members and project leader will be made familiar with the need of consultant within the organization. It is because without knowing the need of consultant, it would be difficult for them to accept the presence of outsider in their department. In this, positives or benefits of hiring consultant would be presented in front of team members and project leader Ellis, It would be helpful to convince them to agree for appointing consultant.

In addition to this, reasons of resistance would be listed out, which would be beneficial to understand the perception of team members and project leader for avoiding the involvement of consultant Lussier, Open communication would be conducted to know about the perception of them and solving their queries related to entry of new candidate.

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It would also help to mould the insight of them towards involvement of consultant. Additionally, by shaping expectations of them it would be easy to avoid resistance at the workplace. In this, management can inform team members and project leaders about each action, which it takes. Thus, these ways would be used and applied to overcome the resistance from the side of team members and project leader.

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These ways would also contribute in addressing and overcoming the issues, which are faced by the management of RMC. Task 3 Models In order to resolve the issue related to high employee turnover, effective and competitive model would be selected. It is because to gain trust of the client firm, it becomes essential for the consultant to select useful and competitive model during the diagnostic stage of the recommended project Shanghvi, Following are the models, which can be used by the consultant: Work life Balance Model: This model would be useful for the firm in terms of addressing and overcoming the problem related to high employee turnover.

It is because this model sustains high satisfaction level among employees by involving in multiple roles in their life. It is generally associated with equilibrium, or maintaining an overall sense of harmony in life that helps to reduce the employee turnover by managing demand of life of them Ramlall, By using this model, it would be easy to find out the reason of the problem in RMC and this model would be also appropriate to mould the perception of employees to work with firm for long period of time Congress and Gonzalez, It will help to take actions within time so that negatives among employees can be recognized at right time Ramlall, Involvement Balance: It shows the level of psychological involvement in or commitment towards the work.

It would help to encourage employees to improve their commitment towards the organization so that negativity among them can be reduced. It would help to reduce employee turnover as well Shanghvi, Satisfaction Balance: It refers to the level of satisfaction among employees with their work and non-work roles Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Health Committee, These aspects enable broader and more inclusive picture at the workplace, which reduces the chances of issues and conflicts within organization.

With the help of using this model, management of RMC will be persuaded to develop knowledge towards maintaining balance among these aspects from personal and professional view Deery, It is because by maintaining balance between time, involvement and satisfaction balances, it would be easy to maintain interest of employees to perform their roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. It would also help to adopt the activities, which need to be balanced with employment including study, sport, exercise, volunteer work, hobbies or care of the elderly Beauregard and Henry, Application of this model will be beneficial for RMC in terms of ensuring effective compliance of role of one with the demand of other.

In short, it would be useful and beneficial to resolve work life conflict by spreading positive integration of work and non-work roles. Conclusively, this model would be beneficial to know about the stress and balance between personal and professional life of employees that would be beneficial to develop and execute appropriate and sufficient strategies. It will also help the consultant to take the actions, which can reduce the problems of employees that are responsible for leaving the organization Deery, Thus, this model would be effective and useful for the firm.

Job Characteristics Model: Job variety model would be another model, which would be used for resolving the problem related to employee turnover.

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This model is based on the idea that the job itself is a key to employee motivation. Five components of this model are skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback, which would be considered, while executing and using this model Martinko, These components would be used to evaluate interest and satisfaction level among employees towards their job. It would be beneficial to evaluate the problems and perception of employees to work within the organization that why they leave the firm Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Health Committee, In this model, as per the position of employees, management can offer wide range of skill variety that will be beneficial to increase satisfaction among them.

It is because as per their skills and knowledge, the firm will give appropriate opportunity to them. Similarly, offered position will also help them to learn new skills, which would be beneficial to retain them for long period of time within the firm Duening and Ivancevich, Task significance also helps to increase satisfaction and awareness among employees. It is because it encourages employees to complete their tasks as they want to do as per their schedule. Similarly, feedback also helps them to be familiar with their weak areas and to learn new skills.

Thus, these factors will be helpful to determine and improve satisfaction among employees. In addition to this, it is also assessed that there are other factors including compensation, effective supervision, etc. It is because these factors work as neutralizers and motivators, which motivate employees to perform their tasks and roles effectively and efficiently. Thus, the main aim of this model will be to increase motivation and satisfaction among employees by identifying cause of leaving the firm Duening and Ivancevich, Thus, results and outcomes of these models are related to the organizational growth by overcoming its problems that justifies to the selection of these models.

Sources of Information In order to increase the chances of successful implementation of the models, it becomes essential for the consultant to select appropriate and effective sources of information. It is because reliability and validity of the execution of model depends on the selected source of information.

Following are the sources, which can be used to obtain the information to ensure the reliability and validity of using these models: Human Resources Department: Data of HR department can be used as a source of information to know about the actual situation of the firm. It is because HR department of RMC has data about the hiring, firing and leaving of employees that would be helpful to recognize that how many employees leave firm and what is the ratio between joining and leaving of employees. In addition to this, HR department of the firm can also help to know about the related aspects such as team management, trust, working culture, environment, etc.

In order to gain benefits of service of consultant, HR would provide relevant and right information to him. It is because without it, HR knows that it would be difficult to overcome the issue of the firm. Offering right information from HR department will also increase trust and faith of employees on the services of consultant that would support the reliability and validity of the used models.

Survey: Survey among employees can be also used as source of information to support the effective use of these two models. In this, by conducting survey among employees of RMC, consultant can collect information, which is needed to apply these models. Through this, consultant can know about the perception and views of employees and their trust, satisfaction and motivation level to work within the organization.

It would be beneficial to take decision related to the application of models. Thus, these sources of information will be used to support the effective use of these two models and to ensure reliability and validity of these models. Bailey, J and Burch, M. USA: Routledge. Barnes, B. K and Scott, B.

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Luigi, S. Lussier, R. MacIntyre, N. Martinko, M. Napoleon, A. Medford: Sandra Abell Publication. Northouse, G. UK: Sage Publication. Phillips, J. J and Edwards, L. Ramlall, S. Applied H. Research, 8 2 , Reynolds, C. R and Fletcher-Janzen, E. Sandoval, J.

Seebacher, U. USA: Springer. Template-driven Consulting is a book for managers who have long been searching for a way to cut costs on expensive external business advice.

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Every day, new stories of companies that have gone belly up or encounter severe financial troubles show up on the front pages of newspapers across the globe. Template-driven Consulting TDC allows your company to trim down expenses at another source: external consultants. By drawing on the use of templates, TDC at last really brings about the often cited knowledge transfer from consultants to your employees. Applying TDC, your employees are to become your experts, whilst you will see the number of and cost for external consultants decrease tremendously!

This book, with its clear structure and hands-on approach, lets you understand the new methodology and will help you in reaping its cost benefits in your company.